2016 Hong Kong exhibition Apr 07, 2021

The first trip to Hong Kong was a rare experience for me. I had to face all kinds of customers, make different judgments, give different suggestions and recommendations, all of which I needed to strengthen as a new salesman.

In this exhibition I have done well but there were many shortcomings that need to be strengthened. This experience is a test for my ability to improve in all aspects in the future. I also made the following:

Show yourself at the exhibition, there are a few good experience, but also to maintain and strengthen in the future. Let me briefly share with you my feelings:

1. ;Proactive

This is my first time to Hong Kong, but also the first time to meet this kind of scene and face customers at the exhibition. At first time with tension and excitement. Tension is because of fear, excitement is because of the challenge of themselves. Although I am nervous, but also have a good state of display to every customer, I send the company's gifts ;actively, invite them to come in to see the product, not like others waiting for customers to come, but take the initiative to attack and get more potential customers.

2. ;No stage fright

Sometimes in the face of several customers come in to watch, do not know what to do. I'm patient with the client and keep introducing, do not look back or look around, do what should be done, do not show cowardice and response generously.

3. ;Show good condition

Although we are tired, we need take out a good state with smile. Keep ourselves happy then make our client happy too. The clients in exhibition are tired, of course, they also like someone to give them a relaxed feeling, It is also a way to increase our booth "click rate ".

Finally, for the Hong Kong exhibition, I have gained a lot. Although the process is not good enough, it is a way to learn more. We take the initiative to invite customers, bold communication. We are familiar with more products. We also saw more other products in the industry, increased our knowledge, provided great help to build a professional image. ;My own shortcomings are the goals I want to strengthen in the future. I believe that I can be more confident and more professional.

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