2020 Company anniversary Apr 07, 2021

September 2020, it is an ordinary day, but for Kjin stationery. It is destined to be a different day, because it has witnessed too many of us in recent years, including five years of Anna and Amira, three years of Becky, and a year of summer and cher. ;Your happiness is my happiness! To send my best wishes, happy anniversary, thank you for your hard work and efforts in the company!

I hope you can relax during this anniversary, enjoy the food, feel the warmth of the Kjin family.


The annual anniversary of Kjin witnessed the growth and transformation of everyone and I was truly happy and proud of them.

Anna, a moment you have come to the company for five years, thank you. We've all seen your kindness, struggle and commitment. A while ago because of Cape Le loan, you casually said ," God, I let the company lose so much money, really need to work here for a lifetime ". That made me very moved and I can feel your sense of responsibility and responsibility. I want to say to you ," it doesn't matter, as long as we are together there is no insurmountable barrier !" I really appreciate your accompany and giving! Hopefully I can witnessed you marry soon and have you own baby then we keep working together! I hope our company can help you settle down and establish a family in Shenzhen, have you own place! Thank you again for your accompany and giving!

Dear Amira, thank you for your company and effort! You are the first yummy mummy in Kjin. In this five years you have experienced the hardships of the second child, but you still young and beautiful! To be honest I am kind of envy your figure and youth and you always look like an unmarried girl! We were very moved about your seriousness, concentration, patience and helpful! I can feel how much pressure you have on your shoulders and how strong you love on your children! Really love you! I hope you can love yourself more then have ability to love others! I hope the stage of our company can help you realize your dream! Fighting! Thank you again!

Becky, time really passes fast, unconsciously, our second hot mom has been in the company for three years! We like you so much because of your serious responsibility, silent commitment, sincere smile and forever young heart! Becky, on behalf of the company today, I really thank you, you have given our business unit the most stable backing in three years! Besides you are a successful parenting mom and a happy woman! People will envy you! Remember to share more about how to make family happy in the future! Thank you again for your efforts!

Dear Summer, our company's little sun! You already join us for one year! We can get infinite power from hearing your laughter and seeing your smile everyday! It is so nice having you! You bring us infinite joy, bring us sweet warmth. You work hard and meticulous. You have principles and standards. You avoid a lot of risks and loopholes for our company! Thank you dear Summer, it is so happy to work with you. We can't resist your little whims and cute! Who made us like you so much! Thank you again for your company and dedication! I hope you can improve and perfect the financial management of the company. Let's work together!

Dear Cher, my little secretary! Finally I waited for your arrival! Thank you for helping me out with so many problems and complications! Yes! God is really looking after me, send you to my side! Thank Buddha also thank you! Your super logical thinking, super planning organization, super execution and super tolerance, refresh our cognition again and again! As long as you can think of it, there's nothing you can not do! I really appreciate your efforts and hard working! Dear Cher, the company has a long way to go, this year is just the beginning, I really hope you can take everyone to fly and grow together, create your own miracle on the our stage! Besides, we hope you will gain ten pounds then you must be a beautiful girl! I believe that when the time comes, many suitors will break the threshold! I am looking forward to it! Thanks for having you again! Love you!

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