Our founder--Cathy.

This is the true record of KJIN, the funder of KJIN is Mrs Cathy who come from Hunan province in China. The character of her is outgoing, capable and eager to learn the new knowledge. Have strong communication and coordination skills, rich management experience, flexible management style, able to undertake various pressures. She had got fine qualities and fine scholar since child. And graduated by Western medicine major.

Cathy’s career

Ms. Wang quickly realized the reality, lowered her dignity and entered a Hong Kong factory to work as a packing worker on an assembly line. During this period, she continued to study by herself and found a job as a clerk from the factory. Later, she was tapped by a discerning boss and entered the foreign trade stationery industry.

Establish KJIN stationery company.

When she first time to contact with the pencil factory, accumulated years of experience and resources.

Cathy acquire the knowledge for the crafts, test standard and the produce process of pencils, color pencils, marker, crayon,notebook, school backpack. Then Cathy had the idea of starting her own business, there only 2 people at the initial. She and her partner Mr Zeng.

Founded in 2009, Shenzhen KJIN Stationery Co., Ltd. is a professional industrial and trade integration company, with two Shenzhen factories. After years of industry accumulation and business development, Yongjin has become a research and development, design, production, sales as one of the one-stop gift program service provider.

She has always maintained her entrepreneurial passion and original intention, and poured her gratitude into her life and career. ;Now KJIN stationery, with 20 employees team, business all over the world, with annual sales of tens of millions Antonia wang lady as a founder of such outstanding enterprises, was invited to become alibaba gold medal lecturer, to become entrepreneurs model of learning All the way for Ms. Wang carry out Thanksgiving culture, set yourself, lights others and lead the team all the way to grow, self-motivated.

Main products range

Our main products include stationery sets, business gift sets, promotional event gifts, IP animation derivatives, new term gifts, creative advertising products, education and training promotional products and many other series of products.

Our brands include Disney, Marvel, Monkey Tutor, Homework Box, Smiggle, Dior, HelloKitty, etc. (All products meet the testing standards of ASTM-D4236, EN71PART 3. PHATALATE FREE, REACH and other European and American standards, and the factory has passed the quality certification IS090001.)

We are the hero
Since ;last year, a battle of ;novel corona ;virus all over the world ;and epidemic prevention material shortage, some unsung hero in order to maintain our shenzhen citizen's daily life, quietly in the carry something for us Shenzhen KJIN ;stationery co., LTD, is the hero behind the scenes Donated a lot of masks gloves and epidemic prevention ;During the anti-epidemic period, KJIN ;Stationery purchased and donated 150,000 anti-epidemic masks.

Our own brand Lemmon Ribbon

Based on years of struggle in the market, we had OEM many stationery item for our customer, like pencils, notebook, ruler, sharpner, eraser and backpack. There is a certain awareness of the independent brand.So we create our own brand Lemmon Ribbon”, Here are our IP logo image. The lovely Giraffe, Monkey, Hedgehog,Bear, Owl. They’re really cute and adorable, aren’t they?

New trens era:
From 2020-2021 years, with the new era, we also hold weekly live show online.and we have a weekly live broadcast of new products to share and communicate. Welcome to our weekly live broadcast to share your ideas and communicate with us.

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