A warm visit to the orphanage Jun 23, 2017

On Friday, June 23,2017, the rainy sky finally cleared up, the weather was clear, and with a gentle breeze, we drove to the orphanage with loving milk and fruit.

Start to enter the garden, everyone holding love milk and looking forward to meeting with the children.

Look! Children are doing handwork  very seriously.

A pair of hard-working hands can make good things ~We can cross stitch and string beads.

Adults and children play together.

After the visit, we sat around. Share our feelings and doubts. In the dean's answer, we found that the original orphanage and our imagination is still different, the only constant is that the world really needs to be full of love. looked at the young faces and watched them study hard, we can not help thinking that children may want to see this strange and wonderful world through books. Perhaps all they need is a strong and warm hug from others, a friend who can talk. The world may still be full of many bad things, but as long as everyone gives a little love, the world is still warm.

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