• New fashion polyester bag
    New fashion polyester bag Nov 27, 2021
    This is a super super beautiful schoolbag, which is different from ordinary schoolbags. This one can be hand-carried and crossbody~ I don’t know if everyone feels like this. Sometimes the things that children bring to extracurricular classes are too complicated, sometimes there are only a few workbooks, and they can’t find a suitable backpack when they go out. What's more, different extracurricula...
  • New design canvas bag
    New design canvas bag Nov 27, 2021
    What if one of the most classic fashion items is? "Canvas bag" should be one of them. What kind of bag should you choose when you go out, We solved this trouble for everyone. We launched two fashionable new bags!!!                                            The workmanship is made of ...
  • New fashion EVA schoolbag-2
    New fashion EVA schoolbag-2 Nov 20, 2021
    New products are coming!!! The new product introduced today is also an EVA school bag! Pink full of girlish hearts,hhhh. This is my favorite backpack recently,Hope you will like it too.                                                             ...
  • New fashion EVA schoolbag Nov 18, 2021
    New products are coming!!! This time the product is a bit different from the previous one, I think you will be interested. This is a waterproof EVA school bag!!!                                                                     ...
  • Good way to pack
    Good way to pack Oct 23, 2021
    Welcome to start an adventure journey with KJIN. For people who travel a lot, how to pack their luggage succinctly is a troublesome problem of the century. Of course, No one can prevent the suitcase from being closed and opened, clothes put in and taken out, and I want to take everything with it. In the end, the luggage cannot be closed. Especially for girls, daily skin care products such as ...
  • A notebook for recording good times Oct 16, 2021
    I opened the notepad I carried and wrote many things about you You hate being left out I saw the mood I wrote down Put yourself behind the humble Waiting for you to wait too long, I think your tears will shed And what is happiness   Just put all the beautiful memories in a notepadJust put all the beautiful pictures in a notepad                 &nbs...
  • 100 colors gel pen Sep 17, 2021
    Look! You read that right. This is a water-based pen with 100 kinds of refills and 100 kinds of colors. You don’t have to worry that there are no different colors when you take notes. You can’t find a matching color when you paint. There is always one you like. The color, mother no longer have to worry that I can’t find the color I want, one bag will take you around the world hahahahaha; you can c...
  • Lemon Ribbon sticky note
    Lemon Ribbon sticky note Sep 10, 2021
    What do you do with post-it notes? Remember words? Keep memos? Or...passing a note? Just knowing these uses is too low! KJIN came prepared today, sticky notes 3 efficient and practical methods, move the bench! Take notes-   ① Make the timetable quickly Tips: Write the name of the course on the post-it notes and then paste it in the notebook. When you encounter a temporary chang...
  • Essential stationery for the beginning of school
    Essential stationery for the beginning of school Sep 08, 2021
    Lemon Ribbon Floral file bag   After school starts, many learning materials will be used, including homework papers, review papers, quiz papers, etc. It is difficult for children with too much paper to find them. It is recommended that parents prepare folders for their children according to the subject, and put these single learning materials specifically.          &n...
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