Foreign trade case-Amira May 16, 2021

One customer ask for good quality fabric notebook with 72 sheets 70g inner paper with perfect binding. And wan to see different type of inner pages with lines and dotted, back cover with pocket, cover should one for black and another for gray, all need make into whole notebook to see the final effect. Cover logo could be hot stamped black.

In factory opinion, that could be very cheap style with 72sheets and 70g paper, after got the artwork, knowing from email that they truly need nice quality and perfect outlook, then we did a special decision for samples with 5 different type.

1 option with 72 sheets lined inner pages;

1 option free sample with 96sheets and 80g paper for selection.

Meanwhile for the notebook with 96sheets, 2pcs black cover notebook with 1 inner pages dotted and another lined; 2pcs gray cover same way to make samples.

Finally Customer got the samples, and they are very satisfied with our quality of 96sheets, and choose the gray cover. What is more important, they increased order qty from 1000pcs to 3000pcs. That is amazing, we are so happy for it.

But there is also with one problem, cover black logo hot stamp can be easily wiped away, and the logo is not straight, client are very sad for it, if can not improve, should cancel order, great shock for us. We tried another raw material for the hot stamp logo, finally failed. As we are specialized in making paper and PU leather cover notebooks, it seems I meet a intractability problem, then discussed with customer whether can accept silk screen logo? but in that way, the logo is flat, no that emboss feeling. At the same time we are making new silk screen logo and that is very good even rub can not fall off, we also send the video for final checking print quality. Client feel happy for it, and for the logo not straight, we made a mold to keep the logo in the correct position.

Finally we got the 3000pcs notebook order.

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