Foreign trade case-Anna May 16, 2021

In 2018, I met a French customer, who wanted to order a batch of stationery set as a reward gifts for ;the school kids.

But customer is not very familiar with the stationery sets, as well as the specific needs of the product is not very clear, she repied to me that which they need is the least amount of money to buy the most affordable stationery set, but also can let the children feel surprise and practical,Demand is only 1000 sets.

We are very professional in stationery , so I made three schemes to give to the guest and offer with design, respectively indicate the advantages and attract children characteristics of each scheme.

And the customer received my email ,but she did not timely reply to me, after I sent three times E-mail also didn't respond ,I think the customer may not need it, so they are not following up.

After two months the guest reply message to me, said that the guests need to increase the quantity to 5000 sets, but target price is lower, if we can reach is confirmation of the order, because the target price decreased a lot, it cannot be used for the before the project, the only change again from the new combination of parts, and provides a new solution to give to the guest, the guest received after is not satisfied.

I felt that the products were reduced a lot, so I sent the products of the six quotation schemes respectively to the customer, so that the customer could feel the real samples and feel the price difference.

The customer was very satisfied with the quality of the samples and confirmed the order one week after receiving the samples, and the quantity of the order was also a little more than expected.

In general, when the customers don't know how to choose products, we can provide some specific plans and samples for reference, which will make the customers feel that we are a professional stationery manufacturer and win more trust from the customers.

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