Foreign trade case——Tom May 15, 2021

I am a newcomer to the company and have no customers, so I send out development marketing letters to potential customers of the company.

After sending out thousands of letters, I finally received inquiries from several customers. Among them, a Swiss customer wanted to find the price of 15,000 and 150,000 pencil and eraser sets, and mentioned that the order is urgent and needs to know about air transportation. cost of.

So I quickly confirmed the product details with the customer, such as the length of the pencil, the printed logo, the color and the shape of the eraser, and the color design. After the confirmation, I quoted the customer a suitable price, and the customer accepted it. Considering that the customer’s delivery is very urgent, I gave the customer a deadline for confirming the order in advance. It took me and the customer nearly a week to confirm the details, and the customer’s payment was received before the deadline and on time For production, because the customer paid the full amount, I also prepared a small gift for the customer personally. ;

The customer liked it very much. Finally, our goods were shipped in time, and the customer received the goods within the specified time. The customer is very concerned about the quality of the product. Satisfied, and decided to place a new order, I am looking forward to the next cooperation with the customer.

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