Make dumplings Feb 05, 2021
2021 come as promised, and in a blink of an eye it will be the new year. On the afternoon of February 5th, it coincides with the 23rd of the twelfth lunar month, also known as "Little Year". Many places have the custom of eating dumplings on the 23rd of the twelfth lunar month. "Xiao Nian" also marks the countdown to the Lunar New Year. In order to enhance cohesion and lively atmosphere, understand Chinese traditional culture and folklore, and feel the happy atmosphere of the Spring Festival in advance, Yongjin organized and carried out the activity of "making dumplings to welcome the new year". The little friends have sent out help cooks to show their talents, thinking that the action is thrown into the New Year.

The leader prepared pots, as well as delicious dumpling fillings, and dumpling wrappers for everyone; Liy, the administrative personnel, elaborated the Xiaonian PPT to explain the origin of Xiaonian and how to make dumplings. Everyone was very enthusiastic, matched tacitly, and was very busy. Colleagues ; picked up the dumplings on the skin, put the fillings together, with their hands together, with skillful movements, in one go, a chubby dumpling was formed. Of course, there are also colleagues who have not made dumplings for a long time. At this time, he is in a hurry. Either too much stuffing breaks the "belly" of the dumplings, or the effect of making dumplings into buns. It caused the little friends to laugh and couldn't close their mouths. Everyone came from all corners of the world and gathered together.

Everyone made dumplings in different shapes and different methods, such as crescent dumplings, fish-shaped dumplings, and patterned dumplings. . . . . . . The whole conference room was full of laughter. Looking forward to the dumplings, hurry up and taste the delicious fruits of their labor. When plates of steaming dumplings were brought to the table, colleagues ate the dumplings made by themselves with relish. In addition to dumplings, there are glutinous rice balls, fruits, drinks, etc. The whole kjin is full of fun.

Kjin organizes a warm dumpling-making activity, letting everyone to personally touch traditional culture and folk customs on this day of the small year, creating a strong flavor of the year. Traditional culture is the foundation of a nation and the bond that has allowed the Chinese nation to continue for thousands of years. I believe that everyone will have a deeper understanding of Chinese traditional culture by making dumplings by themselves. Everyone earnestly made dumplings, ate dumplings happily, and welcomed the New Year happily, and the traditional culture was passed on quietly. Next year, have you decided what kind of stuffed dumplings you want to eat?

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