• Join me on my YouTube journey !
    Join me on my YouTube journey ! May 15, 2021
    Hey ! thanks for tuning in to my video today, and Welcome to my channel ! It means a lot. ; Thank you for the kind comments and sharing my content with others. Make sure to comment any thoughts, video ideas, suggestions you may have! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE Love you guys and stay safe ! Also, please follow us on ... Twitter :https://twitter.com/Yakim56355802 linkedin:https://www.linkedin.com/in/cathy-wang-00333373/ Web:https://www.kjin-stationery.com email:cathywlf@163.com Tel:18922859038
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  • SHENZHEN KJIN STATIONERY CO.,LTD at 129TH online Canton Fair
    SHENZHEN KJIN STATIONERY CO.,LTD at 129TH online Canton Fair Apr 19, 2021
    The 129th Online Canton Fair began from today. KJIN successfully completed the first live streaming. The live broadcast has attracted a lot of people till now. They were impressed by the big advantages of KJIN. 1. Big variety- kinds of different items; 2. Good quality- KJIN only supply good quality product; 3. Small MOQ—each item, MOQ only 500pcs 4. Fast delivery The online Canton Fair will last for 10 days, from Apr.15 to Apr.24. ; Welcome to visit our live streaming studio (https://ex.cantonfair.org.cn/pc/zh/exhibitor/f3840000-de8f-3a15-ee71-08d858c7c8ae/live?liveId=5948) to learn about KJIN more clear & direct.
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  • 2020 Annual session
    2020 Annual session Jan 08, 2021
    As the saying goes: the New year is coming, will the annual meeting be far away? The annual meeting is a boundary point for enterprises to leave the old and welcome the new. In this ceremony, we look back and look forward to the future. Recently, in the beautiful Huidong Shunyi hot spring resort 2020 summing up conference successfully concluded! 2020 has passed, thanks to the past year, the company's leadership and the joint efforts of all staff! On the occasion of the coming of the New year, on behalf of the company, I would like to extend New year's greetings and best wishes to all staff and family members, to all friends at home and abroad who cares and supports! On January 8,2021, Kjins friends gathered together to participate in an extraordinary annual meeting feast, let us enter this grand annual meeting, reviewed those wonderful moments. This annual meeting, we crossed the threshold of time, full of joy to welcome a "tuanyuan" together, spend a laugh and unforgettable moment together! At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, a shocking sound, the annual ceremony opened the prologue. At the beginning of the annual meeting, our leaders on stage to give a passionate speech and read out the 2021 annual meeting officially began! Leadership statements: Award Presentation Ceremony: The course of 2020, there are setbacks, success, every progress and growth can not be separated from them, a group of lovely and respectable people. There are annual sales crown: Claire、 New clients king: Roy .Amira、 Kjin almighty king: Cher and other awards. Wonderful moments: Everyone has a stage in their hearts, everyone has the expectation of winning the prize, everyone has unspeakable love in their hearts. The scene singing and dancing, the atmosphere is very lively, the presence of everyone are immersed in this feast. In addition to singing and dancing performances, there are sketches and other wonderful programs in turn, never stop. Here is the highlight moment! Let’s review the 2021 Gala together!!! Party, the most important thing is to be happy! What's the happiest thing? Of course it's a lucky draw! Everyone has a prize! Forward this tweet, perhaps can rub some lucky!!! ;At this point, the annual meeting is successfully concluded! ;We are all trying to run, we are all dreamers, in 2021," Kjin Stationery "do not forget the original ideals and aspirations, gather energy, passion to set sail, move ahead, and create brilliance again!
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  • 2020 Company anniversary
    2020 Company anniversary Apr 07, 2021
    September 2020, it is an ordinary day, but for Kjin stationery. It is destined to be a different day, because it has witnessed too many of us in recent years, including five years of Anna and Amira, three years of Becky, and a year of summer and cher. ;Your happiness is my happiness! To send my best wishes, happy anniversary, thank you for your hard work and efforts in the company! I hope you can relax during this anniversary, enjoy the food, feel the warmth of the Kjin family. Cathy: The annual anniversary of Kjin witnessed the growth and transformation of everyone and I was truly happy and proud of them. Anna, a moment you have come to the company for five years, thank you. We've all seen your kindness, struggle and commitment. A while ago because of Cape Le loan, you casually said ," God, I let the company lose so much money, really need to work here for a lifetime ". That made me very moved and I can feel your sense of responsibility and responsibility. I want to say to you ," it doesn't matter, as long as we are together there is no insurmountable barrier !" I really appreciate your accompany and giving! Hopefully I can witnessed you marry soon and have you own baby then we keep working together! I hope our company can help you settle down and establish a family in Shenzhen, have you own place! Thank you again for your accompany and giving! Dear Amira, thank you for your company and effort! You are the first yummy mummy in Kjin. In this five years you have experienced the hardships of the second child, but you still young and beautiful! To be honest I am kind of envy your figure and youth and you always look like an unmarried girl! We were very moved about your seriousness, concentration, patience and helpful! I can feel how much pressure you have on your shoulders and how strong you love on your children! Really love you! I hope you can love yourself more then have ability to love others! I hope the stage of our company can help you realize your dream! Fighting! Thank you again! Becky, time really passes fast, unconsciously, our second hot mom has been in the company for three years! We like you so much because of your serious responsibility, silent commitment, sincere smile and forever young heart! Becky, on behalf of the company today, I really thank you, you have given our business unit the most stable backing in three years! Besides you are a successful parenting mom and a happy woman! People will envy you! Remember to share more about how to make family happy in the future! Thank you again for your efforts! Dear Summer, our company's little sun! You already join us for one year! We can get infinite power from hearing your laughter and seeing your smile everyday! It is so nice having you! You bring us infinite joy, bring us sweet warmth. You work hard and meticulous. You have principles and standards. You avoid a lot of risks and loopholes for our company! Thank you dear Summer, it is so happy to work with you. We can't resist your litt...
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  • Make dumplings
    Make dumplings Feb 05, 2021
    2021 come as promised, and in a blink of an eye it will be the new year. On the afternoon of February 5th, it coincides with the 23rd of the twelfth lunar month, also known as "Little Year". Many places have the custom of eating dumplings on the 23rd of the twelfth lunar month. "Xiao Nian" also marks the countdown to the Lunar New Year. In order to enhance cohesion and lively atmosphere, understand Chinese traditional culture and folklore, and feel the happy atmosphere of the Spring Festival in advance, Yongjin organized and carried out the activity of "making dumplings to welcome the new year". The little friends have sent out help cooks to show their talents, thinking that the action is thrown into the New Year. The leader prepared pots, as well as delicious dumpling fillings, and dumpling wrappers for everyone; Liy, the administrative personnel, elaborated the Xiaonian PPT to explain the origin of Xiaonian and how to make dumplings. Everyone was very enthusiastic, matched tacitly, and was very busy. Colleagues ; picked up the dumplings on the skin, put the fillings together, with their hands together, with skillful movements, in one go, a chubby dumpling was formed. Of course, there are also colleagues who have not made dumplings for a long time. At this time, he is in a hurry. Either too much stuffing breaks the "belly" of the dumplings, or the effect of making dumplings into buns. It caused the little friends to laugh and couldn't close their mouths. Everyone came from all corners of the world and gathered together. Everyone made dumplings in different shapes and different methods, such as crescent dumplings, fish-shaped dumplings, and patterned dumplings. . . . . . . The whole conference room was full of laughter. Looking forward to the dumplings, hurry up and taste the delicious fruits of their labor. When plates of steaming dumplings were brought to the table, colleagues ate the dumplings made by themselves with relish. In addition to dumplings, there are glutinous rice balls, fruits, drinks, etc. The whole kjin is full of fun. Kjin organizes a warm dumpling-making activity, letting everyone to personally touch traditional culture and folk customs on this day of the small year, creating a strong flavor of the year. Traditional culture is the foundation of a nation and the bond that has allowed the Chinese nation to continue for thousands of years. I believe that everyone will have a deeper understanding of Chinese traditional culture by making dumplings by themselves. Everyone earnestly made dumplings, ate dumplings happily, and welcomed the New Year happily, and the traditional culture was passed on quietly. Next year, have you decided what kind of stuffed dumplings you want to eat?
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  • Thank you for a different year – a summary of 2020
    Thank you for a different year – a summary of 2020 Jan 28, 2021
    Unconsciously, 2020 has passed. We have gone through an unusual year! This year the covid-19 ; is raging, and all industries are in depression this year. This year, the Kjin members are united and moving ahead. We are not afraid of tiredness, hardship, and take great risks of the epidemic. In such a situation, under the leadership of the company’s leaders, and under the efforts of every Kjin members, Yongjin’s various tasks and tasks draw on the end of the consummation. The hopeful year of 2021 has come. In order to summarize the work situation in the past year, on January 28-29, 2021, in the annual year-end summary. All the staff of Kjin summarized the past, exchanged experience, and imagined the future with excitement; we reviewed the work of the past year, reflected on the shortcomings and worked hard to improve, and hope that Kongjin will be better in the new year! At the meeting, the Business Department, Purchasing Department, Functional Department and Chairman of the Board made reports on the work of the past year in turn. Everyone learned from each other and shared with each other, and shared the joys and difficulties of work and the direction of future efforts: Task decomposition and planning of work objectives, mobilize everyone to recognize the situation, and ensure the completion of various objectives and tasks. The so-called workman must first sharpen his tools if he wants to do his job well. Reviewing your work is for a better start to more hard working. Besides work report, there was a grateful session at the summary meeting. Kjin company is grateful for letting us meet. We are grateful to all his staff who helped us, accompanied us, and encouraged us this year. Opening up the inner world, one after another came to the stage to say thankful words to colleagues and partners. Every step of Yongjin's footprint is inseparable from the hard work and dedication of all staff. Come to the end of the meeting, the dividends and awards of outstanding employees. To thank all employees for their hard work and dedication, Chairman Zeng prepared year-end commendations for every member of Kjin. This is an affirmation and gratitude to employees for their achievements and contributions in the past year. This is not only a material reward, but also spiritually inspired everyone's enthusiasm. After the meeting, all the staff from Kjin came to MUSC BOX and booked a large room to sing karoke and eat buffet. Everyone can enjoy the delicious food while happily accepting singing! Kjin is like a huge music company , while other members are serious about their meals, a few Maiba on the scene began to sing, actively showing themselves! Sing Chinese and English songs for them were without pressure. The summary meeting ended successfully in joyous songs and laughter. We will reflect, improve, and move forward in the summary. In the new year, we must devote ourselves to the next work with a fuller fighting passion and go all out for the sake of Yongjin. Achieve g...
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  • A trip to Europe
    A trip to Europe Apr 07, 2021
    After several flights, Mr. Zeng and Cathy came to the beautiful ancient Roman castle. During this Roman-France trip, in addition to enjoying the scenery and honeymoon sweet time, our lovely chairman and Cathy still working and visiting customers. Chinese and foreign exchange is to promote the relationship between countries, the same is true of foreign trade industry. The communication with customers has promote the trust between customers and Kjin during the journey.
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  • 2016 Hong Kong exhibition
    2016 Hong Kong exhibition Apr 07, 2021
    The first trip to Hong Kong was a rare experience for me. I had to face all kinds of customers, make different judgments, give different suggestions and recommendations, all of which I needed to strengthen as a new salesman. In this exhibition I have done well but there were many shortcomings that need to be strengthened. This experience is a test for my ability to improve in all aspects in the future. I also made the following: Show yourself at the exhibition, there are a few good experience, but also to maintain and strengthen in the future. Let me briefly share with you my feelings: 1. ;Proactive This is my first time to Hong Kong, but also the first time to meet this kind of scene and face customers at the exhibition. At first time with tension and excitement. Tension is because of fear, excitement is because of the challenge of themselves. Although I am nervous, but also have a good state of display to every customer, I send the company's gifts ;actively, invite them to come in to see the product, not like others waiting for customers to come, but take the initiative to attack and get more potential customers. 2. ;No stage fright Sometimes in the face of several customers come in to watch, do not know what to do. I'm patient with the client and keep introducing, do not look back or look around, do what should be done, do not show cowardice and response generously. 3. ;Show good condition Although we are tired, we need take out a good state with smile. Keep ourselves happy then make our client happy too. The clients in exhibition are tired, of course, they also like someone to give them a relaxed feeling, It is also a way to increase our booth "click rate ". Finally, for the Hong Kong exhibition, I have gained a lot. Although the process is not good enough, it is a way to learn more. We take the initiative to invite customers, bold communication. We are familiar with more products. We also saw more other products in the industry, increased our knowledge, provided great help to build a professional image. ;My own shortcomings are the goals I want to strengthen in the future. I believe that I can be more confident and more professional.
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  • International Children's Day
    International Children's Day Jun 01, 2018
    June is fresh and childlike, the innocence of the children also adorned the sky. For this International Children's Day we prepared a happy and moving party. Who says older children can't be cute, who says children are not brave on stage. Let's show you, we can play well, we can play handsome. ;The day before the start of the event, we were busy and nervous. Blow balloons, tie ribbons, we set up a warm and childlike venue. Thank the children for their active participation, thank each parent for their support for the event, thank the host and teachers for their support, thank each staff member of Kjin for their efforts to this event. Although only a few hours, It's about getting kids and teachers involved. Children's simplicity and innocence infected everyone. We are reluctant and do not want to end. The mapping game is wonderful, thank all of you!
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  • A warm visit to the orphanage
    A warm visit to the orphanage Jun 23, 2017
    On Friday, June 23,2017, the rainy sky finally cleared up, the weather was clear, and with a gentle breeze, we drove to the orphanage with loving milk and fruit. Start to enter the garden, everyone holding love milk and looking forward to meeting with the children. Look! Children are doing handwork  very seriously. A pair of hard-working hands can make good things ~We can cross stitch and string beads. Adults and children play together. After the visit, we sat around. Share our feelings and doubts. In the dean's answer, we found that the original orphanage and our imagination is still different, the only constant is that the world really needs to be full of love. looked at the young faces and watched them study hard, we can not help thinking that children may want to see this strange and wonderful world through books. Perhaps all they need is a strong and warm hug from others, a friend who can talk. The world may still be full of many bad things, but as long as everyone gives a little love, the world is still warm.
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