Thank you for a different year – a summary of 2020 Jan 28, 2021

Unconsciously, 2020 has passed. We have gone through an unusual year! This year the covid-19 ; is raging, and all industries are in depression this year. This year, the Kjin members are united and moving ahead.

We are not afraid of tiredness, hardship, and take great risks of the epidemic. In such a situation, under the leadership of the company’s leaders, and under the efforts of every Kjin members, Yongjin’s various tasks and tasks draw on the end of the consummation.

The hopeful year of 2021 has come. In order to summarize the work situation in the past year, on January 28-29, 2021, in the annual year-end summary. All the staff of Kjin summarized the past, exchanged experience, and imagined the future with excitement; we reviewed the work of the past year, reflected on the shortcomings and worked hard to improve, and hope that Kongjin will be better in the new year!

At the meeting, the Business Department, Purchasing Department, Functional Department and Chairman of the Board made reports on the work of the past year in turn. Everyone learned from each other and shared with each other, and shared the joys and difficulties of work and the direction of future efforts: Task decomposition and planning of work objectives, mobilize everyone to recognize the situation, and ensure the completion of various objectives and tasks. The so-called workman must first sharpen his tools if he wants to do his job well. Reviewing your work is for a better start to more hard working.

Besides work report, there was a grateful session at the summary meeting. Kjin company is grateful for letting us meet. We are grateful to all his staff who helped us, accompanied us, and encouraged us this year. Opening up the inner world, one after another came to the stage to say thankful words to colleagues and partners. Every step of Yongjin's footprint is inseparable from the hard work and dedication of all staff.

Come to the end of the meeting, the dividends and awards of outstanding employees. To thank all employees for their hard work and dedication, Chairman Zeng prepared year-end commendations for every member of Kjin. This is an affirmation and gratitude to employees for their achievements and contributions in the past year. This is not only a material reward, but also spiritually inspired everyone's enthusiasm.

After the meeting, all the staff from Kjin came to MUSC BOX and booked a large room to sing karoke and eat buffet. Everyone can enjoy the delicious food while happily accepting singing! Kjin is like a huge music company , while other members are serious about their meals, a few Maiba on the scene began to sing, actively showing themselves! Sing Chinese and English songs for them were without pressure. The summary meeting ended successfully in joyous songs and laughter. We will reflect, improve, and move forward in the summary. In the new year, we must devote ourselves to the next work with a fuller fighting passion and go all out for the sake of Yongjin. Achieve good results. Looking to the future in 2021, starting from the heart!

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