Our founder--Cathy. This is the true record of KJIN, the funder of KJIN is Mrs Cathy who come from Hunan province in China. The character of her is outgoing, capable and eager to learn the new knowledge. Have strong communication and coordination skills, rich management experience, flexible management style, able to undertake various pressures. She had got fine qualities and fine scholar since child. And graduated by Western medicine major. Cathy’s career Ms. Wang quickly realized the reality, lowered her dignity and entered a Hong Kong factory to work as a packing worker on an assembly line. During this period, she continued to study by herself and found a job as a clerk from the factory. Later, she was tapped by a discerning boss and entered the foreign trade stationery industry. Establish KJIN stationery company. When she first time to contact with the pencil factory, accumulated years of experience and resources. Cathy acquire the knowledge for the crafts, test standard and the produce process of pencils, color pencils, marker, crayon,notebook, school backpack. Then Cathy had the idea of starting her own business, there only 2 people at the initial. She and her partner Mr Zeng. Founded in 2009, Shenzhen KJIN Stationery Co., Ltd. is a professional industrial and trade integration company, with two Shenzhen factories. After years of industry accumulation and business development, Yongjin has become a research and development, design, production, sales as one of the one-stop gift program service provider. She has always maintained her entrepreneurial passion and original intention, and poured her gratitude into her life and career. ;Now KJIN stationery, with 20 employees team, business all over the world, with annual sales of tens of millions Antonia wang lady as a founder of such outstanding enterprises, was invited to become alibaba gold medal lecturer, to become entrepreneurs model of learning All the way for Ms. Wang carry out Thanksgiving culture, set yourself, lights others and lead the team all the way to grow, self-motivated. Main products range Our main products include stationery sets, business gift sets, promotional event gifts, IP animation derivatives, new term gifts, creative advertising products, education and training promotional products and many other series of products. Our brands include Disney, Marvel, Monkey Tutor, Homework Box, Smiggle, Dior, HelloKitty, etc. (All products meet the testing standards of ASTM-D4236, EN71PART 3. PHATALATE FREE, REACH and other European and American standards, and the factory has passed the quality certification IS090001.) We are the hero Since ;last year, a battle of ;novel corona ;virus all over the world ;and epidemic prevention material shortage, some unsung hero in order to maintain our shenzhen citizen's daily life, quietly in the carry something for us Shenzhen KJIN ;stationery co., LTD, is the hero behind the scenes Donated a lot of masks gloves and epidemic prevention ;During the anti...
  • Foreign trade case-Ameko
    This is a Hong Kong customer who has cooperated with us at 2016. They have mainly some large brand IPs, did some product development and design,then found a cooperative factory to processing and production. They changed their business for the cooperation opportunities. and they contacted our company through timely  communication.Our colleague quoted a price of stationery set and the the customer send a sample.After receiving the samples, I found that the sample process and accessories are quitely complicated,and then rechecked the unit  price with the factory. But we found that the unit price difference more expensive than the previous price.  The customer also hesitated and tried to let us make some of the accessories.But at that time, I felt that  it was not cheap to make accessories and the value of the goods was low.So i find the merchandisers and salesmen to understand some circumstances of this order. I knew that the quantity would be relatively large , Although there are many tiered prices when quoting. However, the final quantity can be accepted.During the Hundred Regiment Event right now,I decided to get this order.  then found the factory to negotiate the unit price, the cost of each accessory to give the customer. Find a way to achieve the target price, In the end, as soon as posssible to meet the customer's requirements and then asked the factory to make one of the samples to show the effect  to customer to strive for more opportunities. Althought charge free is actually quite expensive, we still accepted it and placed an order at the end. In  conclusion: 1. The change of the customer’s internal staff is a good opportunity for us to reshape our image so we must seize this opportunity. 2. The price issue is not only condition for the business deal, try to meet the customer's requirements and quality, and the price is not too higher.    it can be completed. 3. You must have the determination to take the order.During the Hundred Regiment period, we must win this order anyway. Although there are many problems in     the process, we must work hard to find a solution. 4. Actively make samples to customers for reference, win some trust of customers, and strive for more opportunities.
  • Foreign trade case-Anna
    In 2018, I met a French customer, who wanted to order a batch of stationery set as a reward gifts for ;the school kids. But customer is not very familiar with the stationery sets, as well as the specific needs of the product is not very clear, she repied to me that which they need is the least amount of money to buy the most affordable stationery set, but also can let the children feel surprise and practical,Demand is only 1000 sets. We are very professional in stationery , so I made three schemes to give to the guest and offer with design, respectively indicate the advantages and attract children characteristics of each scheme. And the customer received my email ,but she did not timely reply to me, after I sent three times E-mail also didn't respond ,I think the customer may not need it, so they are not following up. After two months the guest reply message to me, said that the guests need to increase the quantity to 5000 sets, but target price is lower, if we can reach is confirmation of the order, because the target price decreased a lot, it cannot be used for the before the project, the only change again from the new combination of parts, and provides a new solution to give to the guest, the guest received after is not satisfied. I felt that the products were reduced a lot, so I sent the products of the six quotation schemes respectively to the customer, so that the customer could feel the real samples and feel the price difference. The customer was very satisfied with the quality of the samples and confirmed the order one week after receiving the samples, and the quantity of the order was also a little more than expected. In general, when the customers don't know how to choose products, we can provide some specific plans and samples for reference, which will make the customers feel that we are a professional stationery manufacturer and win more trust from the customers.
  • Foreign trade case-Amira
    One customer ask for good quality fabric notebook with 72 sheets 70g inner paper with perfect binding. And wan to see different type of inner pages with lines and dotted, back cover with pocket, cover should one for black and another for gray, all need make into whole notebook to see the final effect. Cover logo could be hot stamped black. In factory opinion, that could be very cheap style with 72sheets and 70g paper, after got the artwork, knowing from email that they truly need nice quality and perfect outlook, then we did a special decision for samples with 5 different type. 1 option with 72 sheets lined inner pages; 1 option free sample with 96sheets and 80g paper for selection. Meanwhile for the notebook with 96sheets, 2pcs black cover notebook with 1 inner pages dotted and another lined; 2pcs gray cover same way to make samples. Finally Customer got the samples, and they are very satisfied with our quality of 96sheets, and choose the gray cover. What is more important, they increased order qty from 1000pcs to 3000pcs. That is amazing, we are so happy for it. But there is also with one problem, cover black logo hot stamp can be easily wiped away, and the logo is not straight, client are very sad for it, if can not improve, should cancel order, great shock for us. We tried another raw material for the hot stamp logo, finally failed. As we are specialized in making paper and PU leather cover notebooks, it seems I meet a intractability problem, then discussed with customer whether can accept silk screen logo? but in that way, the logo is flat, no that emboss feeling. At the same time we are making new silk screen logo and that is very good even rub can not fall off, we also send the video for final checking print quality. Client feel happy for it, and for the logo not straight, we made a mold to keep the logo in the correct position. Finally we got the 3000pcs notebook order.
  • Foreign trade case-Seven
    Customer S has their own facilities in different country,they want develop new stationery line to sell in their facilities,they find us to develop some stationery products,but they do not know more about the stationery industry,and which items are popular. they did not have enough designer to develop products,but we have over 13 years stationery experience,and we have a good designer team,cooperated with many famous brands,through many times communication with the customer, we knew what they want,then we suggest many products to them,provide some professional suggestions and do our best to help them design the product together,finally we develop many different stationery products for them,and these items are sell goods in their facilities.
  • Foreign trade case-Claire
    From 2010, i met my first client, until now i really appreciated for her. We keep great cooperation and be friends heart to heart. I help them develop many new products during these years. Their shop qty increased much, from 1 to more than 100pcs. From simple pencil to notebook, backpack, stationery set, even other products which we don’t produce. I am factory for them, also sourcing department of VIP client. Sometime production happen unexpected circumstances. It's hard to avoid. But fortunately, every time I solved it smoothly, the guests gave me a lot of praise. Really kind for me. No pay, no gain. I keep it in mind. Whatever the product is complex, difficult, or small order qty, we always are welcomed and treat them warmly. Between their good comment, we are rated as the most friendly, timely response, good after-sales service, product quality is very good manufacturers. Company goal is: fast sampling, delivery in time, service forever, best quality, strong ability on design and development. We hope offer best product to worldwide, offer children better childhood, bring more happiness and surprise. Before shipment, our QC team are very strict on inspection. They inspect during whole production also, from material, printing, sampling, bulk packing, finished product. That’s why we can offer best quality. If you work with us, you will save much time and feel relax, very satisfied with the product. I am glad to receive your calling, email, even just talking about like, no orders, that’s also great. We are your china trustworthy parnter. Happy working, happy life. Enjoy the time with our every clinet.
  • Foreign trade case——Tom
    I am a newcomer to the company and have no customers, so I send out development marketing letters to potential customers of the company. After sending out thousands of letters, I finally received inquiries from several customers. Among them, a Swiss customer wanted to find the price of 15,000 and 150,000 pencil and eraser sets, and mentioned that the order is urgent and needs to know about air transportation. cost of. So I quickly confirmed the product details with the customer, such as the length of the pencil, the printed logo, the color and the shape of the eraser, and the color design. After the confirmation, I quoted the customer a suitable price, and the customer accepted it. Considering that the customer’s delivery is very urgent, I gave the customer a deadline for confirming the order in advance. It took me and the customer nearly a week to confirm the details, and the customer’s payment was received before the deadline and on time For production, because the customer paid the full amount, I also prepared a small gift for the customer personally. ; The customer liked it very much. Finally, our goods were shipped in time, and the customer received the goods within the specified time. The customer is very concerned about the quality of the product. Satisfied, and decided to place a new order, I am looking forward to the next cooperation with the customer.
  • 2018.4 Hong Kong Exhibiton
    In April 2018, Kjin Stationery in Hong Kong exhibition again! Today is the second day, let KJin take you to see the exhibition this time. Firstly, we came to the exhibition. And then, go in, go to the booth number 3 G-D07, ;3GHALL, and you can see us. Next you'll look at the following. We have professional stationery consultant to answer your doubts, do not believe? Then follow the text of Kjin to see the status of exhibitors!

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