Yoga Apr 07, 2021

Since September, Kjin arranged a yoga class for stuff every Friday and prepared rose tea. After busy working, enjoy a quiet yoga, release all pressure after a long day working, go home with relax heart and body, it is such a nice enjoyment from work to life. ;

We released pressure of a day's work, through the body stretch, teacher's guidance, regular breathing and sweat along the skin discharge. Watching everyone follow the rhythm of the yoga teacher calm and slow, the whole space has become soft.

Yoga is a way and attitude to life. It effectively releases anxiety and stress in everyone's life and manages emotions effectively. By perceiving the scream ;of the body, feeling the silence of the mind, the breathing drive the body to move, so that the body to get soothing, let the mind calm down, so that the body and mind be stable ;and ;balanced.

We listen to the inner voice of ourselves or partners from practice, feel the joy and strength of receiving and giving, identify with the spirit of unity, interaction and sharing from the heart, and enhance cohesion. A simple mat, a yoga brick, can inspire ourselves and ;peace our ;mind, bring a little different ;to work life and the body. We sweat again and again ;from the practice, feeling ;the change and harvest of self-body.

We ;improve image temperament and find confidence ;through remodeling of beauty. Let's take a little time each week to participate in yoga classes, temporarily give up our work. ;Let ourselves listen to the inner voice. Let our thoughts shine, and enjoy this brief calm,

After calm work efficiency will be twice the result with half the effort. Through yoga practice, slowly reconcile their own mentality, treat others ;peacefully and gratefully, so that from their own can affect the team atmosphere, interpersonal relationships will be more harmonious.

Yoga not only gives me a healthy body, but also gives me a rich inner body, and promotes my wisdom and self-examination in my work and life,

Yoga makes us awake, gentle, aware of advance and retreat, contented, diligent and progressive.

Have a good physical and mental state, ;in order to devote themselves wholeheartedly to the work.

Pay attention to the heart of the self, find the joy of the soul from the complicated work, ;find the confidence and strength to move on.

Ella: First of all, I want to say thank you to Cathy for taking us to yoga! Often sit in the office, after work and no motivation to exercise, are almost become fat house! So I need exercise more! Yoga teacher is very friendly and temperament, through these yoga exercises, I feel the charm of yoga. When doing yoga, I can focus and endure, sometimes even if your muscles are sore, keep practicing, when you're done, you will feeling all over light. Yoga is a good way to release pressure and relax body and mind!

Claire: Event: The company takes us to yoga classes for free.

Notice: I'm grateful that the company has such benefits, Cathy has such good feelings. The environment here is beautiful. Im too excited and looking forward to the course.

Improve: I try to learn from Cathy and become an excellent and caring person who is willing to give.

Cher: Event: Yoga lessons.

Notice: My figure curve is not good-looking, I don't have enough strength to do yoga, I' m always lazy.

Improve: I want to keep exercising.

Anna: Event: Running.

Notice: I release all day unhappy and pressure after sweating, the whole body feel more comfortable. I will welcome the new day in a good mood.

Improve: More exercise more sweating.

Thank Cathy for choosing such a good gift for us ;so that we can regain balance, eliminate the pressure after busy work ;and ;move forward ;better, towards one goal together! Let's enjoy the fun of our study.

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